Would you care for a strawbeary?

Strawbeary. Get it? Yes, we know, it’s a bad pun. But it does look adorably cute.

Granny Parsnip is looking rather sad, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh come on. Like seriously? Of course she'll be sad. She'll be salad pretty soon.

“Ya man, we be rasta by roots, boi!”

Ya man! We really be a root crop! Not really sure what we kind of a root crop man!

Tomatoes and bunnies actually make for a good amalgam.

Cuteness to the extreme! Probably a good way to encourage kids to love tomatoes. But we doubt if they would want to eat or keep it as a pet if looked like this.

This eggplant needs some loving. No, not the kind you’re thinking of. Geez.

It's time for hugs! Hmmm this eggplant might've been a Troll in its past life. Look, it wants hugs!

Sports Illustrated Vegetable Edition

Hubba hubba! That radish is to tempting! Care to take a bite of that thang?