Guys, never hide the ring in food when you’re proposing. See the picture below for the unintended outcome.

Proposal turned out for the worst perhaps. He wanted the element of surprise. Wow good job! You got the even bigger surprised when she ate the ring too, right?

You’re supposed to put the key in the hole… No, no that one, dummy.

We are really trying to explain how this one happened. Only one possible reason if you ask us -- maybe he was trying to unlock something there?

Dinner table utensils were made to be eaten with, not to actually eat.

When you're hungry, you're hungry. But the expression of being to hungry that you can even finish the plate? Oh come on, the utensils too? Literally? This is too much!

Not only is it broken, but mangled to hell and back… If trees grew on humans, this is what they would look like.

This is excruciatingly eerie to look at thru x-ray. So please, don't even think of asking us how it looks in flesh.

Well, at least now you know where the car keys are..

Looking for your car keys? Now this is proof that the "dog ate my homework excuse" actually has factual basis. If dogs can eat keys, why not paper, right?

What is it about people and nails? Seriously…

We've all heard of put a ring on it, but put a nail on it? Bravo, this one surely nailed it! (pun intended)