Hottest Doctors on Instagram: 22 Reasons to Get Sick

The X-ray specialist

We bet that the ladies out there wish they could have some X-rays done too. No, we’re not talking about the actual use of an x-ray machine. We mean them having x-ray vision. You know, so they could actually see this fine chap’s medical garb. Yes, ladies can be perverts too.

Nerdy charm.

Hey, if you like your doctors a little bit on the nerdy side, he’d be a great pick. He’s not exactly dashing in the romantic movie lead way, but he seems like a nice guy and one you’d like to introduce to your parents. Oh yes, let the marriage fantasies begin. You’ll be shipping yourselves with him with every chance you get.

Exotic relief.

We understand that a lot of ladies like their men exotic. Mixed ethnicities usually make for a fine specimen, and this guy’s a clear example of that. Are you looking for some alternative means of health relief? By alternative, we mean exotic, and you’re looking at one right now.

Rugged medical pro.

He may not have the boy next door looks. However, he does seem to have a charm of his own. It sure does look like whoever posted this photo on Instagram seems to be getting a lot of likes already. The doctor must feel pretty good about himself right about now.      


We’re pretty sure a lot of the ladies are swooning at this guy. He just seems like a fun guy to be around, goofing it up and looking good at the same time. He’s got his tongue out, so we’re sure he’s trying to show you just how good of a linguist he is. Take that however you will, ladies, and let your imaginations run wild.

Smirking for the ladies.

Okay, we have to admit that this guy knows how to work that manly smirk. It’s like he’s thinking, “okay, ladies, I’m impressed. Show me what else you got.” Oh, such a bad doctor, isn’t he?