How do doctors and patients view health technology?

Health technology is a new and advanced way of viewing healthcare. Many people are intrigued by it but do they trust it? Here are how health professions feel vs. how patients feel about the subject matter.

What is the required background to learn about health informatics?

Looking to pursue a career in health informatics? After you've earned your bachelor's degree, medical school may be in your future. Follow these steps in order to kickstart your career in health informatics today.

Which country/continent has the most similar health insurance system to USA?

The USA is known for having problematic health insurance programs. While many countries offer free healthcare for everyone, Americans still pay a hefty price to be covered. Which countries around the world follow similar plans?

Are there any mobile health technologies that make you go WOW?

We're constantly checking our phones for text messages or social media alerts- why not use them to improve our health? Here are a few apps that can help you live a healthier lifestyle.