Christina Aguilera was the kind of woman you’d enjoy getting caught in bed with, even if you were already taken.  Nowadays, you wouldn’t want to share the same space with her.  That’s because you probably wouldn’t have any, thanks to her sizeable weight gain.

We would like to honor the once-beautiful Shannon Doherty by posting a picture of her during her 90210 days.  We’re only doing this because she has changed quite a lot.  She got old and her sex appeal is nowhere to be seen.

We really have no words to describe Mel Gibson these days.  It looks like he just got out of the loony bin.  At least he can live up to his legendary character, “Mad Max.”

We never thought it was possible for an actual human being to look like a feline.  That is, until we came across Jocelyn Wildenstein.  This is how you’d look like after several botched attempts with plastic surgery.

Oh hey guys, look it’s Matthew Perry.  You remember him as Chandler from “Friends”, right?  He still looks the same, albeit with a bad case of turkey neck and the wrinkles.

Bruce Jenner certainly changed a lot from his younger days as an Olympic winner.  Plastic surgeries rendered his face indescribable.  He then eventually announced to the world that he’s a woman and named himself Caitlyn.