Well, what do you know? An entire house made out of beer bottles? We just hope nobody decides to run into the walls then. Otherwise, that’ll be a huge investment thrown out the window.

Well, if only every other terrorist in the world was this easy to negotiate with. We wouldn’t have to involve our respective governments anymore. It would just all boil down to some good talk and intoxication. Everybody leaves the plane happy and no more plots to take over the world would ensue.

That’s one way of rallying support from your peers. At least you can just give away free beer to people whom you’d want to vote for you. After all, everybody congregates and supports a common cause over beer, right? Never mind the drunken talk, just go for the drunken voting.     

 If you think about it, dealing with your wife sometimes does lead you to go down the route of the bottle. Hence, a sport like this should seem very appropriate for some folks. It’s not that we’re judging. We just know what it feels like to drown yourself in beer after dealing with so much crap from your significant other.

Who needs to drink water when you’ve got beer? Frankly, you don’t really need to drink anything else. Sure, you may get drunk on a daily basis. Then again, you’re also all about living the good life and not caring much about your sobriety levels, so go for it.

Oh man, I don’t think we can handle that long of a hangover. Even just having one in the morning is already enough to crack our skulls. We feel sorry for the dude who had to go through this. Then again, he probably had a really great time drinking all that beer.