There’s absolutely no reason to doubt this. Come on, a lot of people in the world love beer. They love it so much they’d probably want to bathe in the whole thing. If that were the case, it’s going to be a world of intoxication, which could also lend to world peace under the right circumstances.

Should this really come as a surprise? Come on, your muscles are relaxed when you drink beer, lots of it too. You also end up with a huge grin on your face to the point of goofiness. It makes us wonder why beer is legal and marijuana isn’t in most parts of the world, to be honest.

If the world could end up being a much cleaner place, it would have to be because of beer. Seriously, why hasn’t anybody else thought of this? Sure, you may develop a few more cases of alcoholism, but at least it’s for a good cause. We should send letters to the Mayor’s Office for this.

If that’s the case, sustainable housing through beer bottles CAN indeed happen. However, we’re talking about a temple here. A place of worship, if you will. Some people just might end up praying to the gods of beer for more of their favorite beverage headed their way.

It only makes perfect sense, truth be told. After all, back in the middle ages, water wasn’t really the cleanest. Beer was processed through boiling, which meant killing off any bacteria. At least the guys in those days had a lot of reason to be merry.

In this day and age, it sure would be a great way to buy things. Then again, we often make use of the same strategy. Oh you know, get our friends drunk and talk them into getting us stuff or doing some pretty awesome shit. Sigh, if things were just as easy as the old days, huh?