21 Things You Have to Know About Beer

Who doesn’t love beer?  It’s practically our favorite beverage during the weekends, or maybe even after work.  Then again, for all your love for the damned thing, you probably didn’t know a lot of things related to it, right?  Hence, that’s why we are here --- to give you some enlightening.  Now, go grab a brewskie and take a look at these facts.  You just might find yourself loving the damned thing more.

Here’s a bit of a history lesson for you. Granted, this isn’t the sort of stuff teachers tell you about in school. Then again, they’re probably not thinking you’re going to end up loving beer anyway. Nonetheless, this is always a good piece of general information.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Didn’t think you’d eventually get intoxicated from bananas now, did you? No wonder chimpanzees and monkeys get so goofy every single time. Quick, we should go make our own.

 It looks like the Irish have a lot to prove this time around. It seems as if drinking in Nigeria is practically a national pastime. Of course, we have to give credit to Ireland for their beer loving ways. It just so happens there’s another country far better at the drinking game.

Okay, this we did not know. Is that why they move so slowly all the time? Is it because they’re so drunk they can’t even crawl their way towards some place so fast? Now we know how it feels like for them, then. 

If this was the case, people wouldn’t have to deal with heart attacks anymore. Everybody who drinks a lot would live long until their twilight years. Memory loss wouldn’t even have to be a problem too. Then again, it’s all just claims, but how we wish it were all true. At least it’d give us more reason to drink a lot of it

 Being the first President of the United States does have its own sets of perks. Among them is your own brew house. However, we just hoped he didn’t pass any bills or acts while under the influence. If he did, at least America turned out okay for the most part.