20 Warning Signs of Cancer: Prevention Better than Cure

A man’s testicles are pretty fragile. Hence, if you notice any lumps, you’ll need to visit the doctor ASAP. This could be a sign of testicular cancer in the making.

Men can also suffer from breast cancer, so to speak. It’s just that these aren’t diagnosed until it has been too late. If you, a man, notice any lumps, you’ll need to seek advice from your physician.

When you’re feeling certain pains and aching in your body, it could be due to a number of things, such as awkward sleeping positions or not exercising properly after a rigorous activity. However, if these pains persist for beyond 4 weeks, visit the doctor immediately. It could point to any kind of cancer.

Fatigue is when your body experiences exhaustion.  This can be remedied with enough rest.  However, even if you continue to sleep the proper number of hours and you still feel exhausted, there is cause to worry.  This needs proper addressing with your doctor.

If you happen to be bleeding in between your periods, even with just minor spotting, you need to get advice from your doctor. While it isn’t a serious problem most of the time, it can also be a possible symptom of cancer in your uterus lining. This needs to be checked and diagnosed immediately.

Your facial complexion can be a determinant of possible cancer. If you have a mole which changes in color, shape and size, it’s most likely a sign of skin cancer. It would be wise to get it treated as soon as possible.