Caroline Berg Eriksen

Aside from being a fitness blogger and journalist, Eriksen is actually a soccer WAG as well - she’s married to Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen.

Abbie Burrows

An IFBB pro athlete, Burrows goes by that calling card and nothing else. We guess we’ll let her slide…

Margret Gnarr

Perhaps the most admirable (in more ways than one) thing about Gnarr is she’s a proud “IFBB Bikini World Champion” from 2013. She’s in shape and she’s obviously rewarded for it. Must be nice.

Dianna Dahlgren

How about a four-time Miss Supercross? If you want to see this hottie on a regular basis, she’s on FoxSports1 every Saturday.

Amber Dawn Orton

After winning a bikini contest in 2010, Orton became obsessed with fitness and is now one of the most in-shape and hottest women in the world.

Annette Milbers

Besides being in incredible shape, which has landed her on numerous fitness magazine covers, Milbers is also a trainer and writer.