20 Hottest Fitness Models on Instagram

Jen Selter, the queen of Instagram

The Next Coach is the Princess of Abs.

BEGIN SHOW. For quite some time, many hard-working, attractive ladies have carved and chiseled their bodies to become some of the hottest women in the world. Some of them are “professionals” and some are just fitness enthusiasts who celebrate their success with Instagram photos. Jen Selter, who you have probably heard of by now, has changed the games for these ladies so to pay tribute, we have compiled a list of the the hottest fitness models out there.

Marzia Prince

Besides being an IFBB Bikini Pro like many of her counterparts, Prince was also Ms. Bikini Universe in 2007 and she’s a writer for Natural Muscle magazine.

Paige Hathaway

A regular girl just started working out like crazy and then gathered so many Instagram and Twitter followers that fitness modeling became a career for Hathaway. She thanks her followers for that regularly…and so we do.

Camala Rodriguez-McClure

McClure likes to remind everyone that she’s a professional athlete with the IFBB. But the only way guys care about that is if she’s on a “hottest female athletes” list.

Meredith Mack

A “Bikini Pro”, Mack is definitely the hottest girl in the state of Oklahoma. She’s a person trainer and you can request that she be your trainer on her website…

Alice Matos

Unlike many of her fitness model counterparts, Matos took her working out obsession and turned it into a clothing line. Don’t worry — she still models in bikinis frequently