Carroll O’Connor

 Hugh O’Connor, Carroll’s son, took his own life in 1995. He had already been struggling with drug addiction. After such a lengthy fight with cancer, he had become hooked on painkillers. He had made a call to his father to say that he was about to kill himself, but even the cops could not save him just in time. He was only 32 years old.

Billy Nelson

Famed folk singer Willie Nelson had a son who committed suicide. Billy, who was only 33 years old in 1991, had been suffering from financial difficulty. He could no longer take the pressure of all his money-related problems. He decided to hang himself in the cabin of his family in Tennessee.

Art Linkletter

The famous talk show host’s daughter, Diane Linkletter, died by her own hand back in 1969. She jumped off the window of her West Hollywood apartment when she was just 20 years old. She was apparently high on LSD. However, many witnesses and even a friend claimed that Diane was already emotional, being clearly upset on the night she died.

Jim Arness

Jenny Lee Arness was Jimmy’s daughter. She was just a few weeks away from turning 25 when she took her life. She had been suffering from depression and emotional instability due to a horrible breakup with Greg Allman. She swallowed several pills, which resulted in a lethal overdose. All of this happened in 1975.

Louis Jordan

One of France’s greatest actors, Louis Jordan was a proud father. However, his son, Louis Henry, decided to take his own life back in 1981. He was only 29 when he was severely hooked on drugs. His body was found by both his mother and father in their Bel Air home.

Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, Carter, took his own life when he was 23 years old. It happened in July 1988, when he jumped from the fourteenth floor terrace of his mom’s apartment in Manhattan. According to Gloria’s memoir, her son committed suicide due to psychotic episode which was a side effect of his medication against asthma. Such a terrible way to go out.