What in the hell…

Potato chips don’t seem to be a good blend with caramel.  Sure, we’ve already seen chocolate covered crisps, and they’re just okay.  This, on the other hand, is overkill to the palate.  It’ll almost be like we were eating candy popcorn.


We don’t know what went on during the creative meeting when this came about.  We love KitKat, but this one’s just a bit too much.  KitKats that you can actually bake?  Really?   Has the novelty of different flavors already worn out?

So now it’s traditional delicacies?

Feel free to enlighten us on this.  We’re not sure why Oreos ever decided to take this idea.  You’re messing with a brand, a symbol, a tradition here.  Don’t go making Oreo churros anymore, okay?


Hey, it may taste good, but it’s completely unnecessary.  We don’t know what else to say about it.  It’s just like spending your money on something so insignificant when there are other WAY better choices.  Save your wallet the agony.

Yeah, but will it help us keep awake?

The appeal of M&Ms lies in the multiple colors.  Granted, that’s not going to be taken away anytime soon, but we can’t fathom why they would ever consider making some that come in Mocha flavor.  The question is, will it even taste that good? We’d rather have ice cream and actual coffee compared to this.

Pecan’t handle this.

We love M&Ms.  No, we mean the classic chocolate ones.  When you change up the formula as a trial to an already established market, chances are it’s not going to be as successful as you had hoped for.  Just like this flavor, for instance.  If we wanted pecan pie, we could have gone to the local pastry shop instead.