Hippie power, man.

This looks like something that a lot of Flower Power folks would love.  As far as the rest of the market is concerned, probably 50-50.  The ice cream is made with purple sweet potato flavor and actual chunks too.  We can only imagine how it would taste.  Leave it to Ben & Jerry’s to come up with the craziest flavors.


Make no mistake, bacon is definitely all the rage these days. Everybody just can’t seem to get enough of it for some reason. However, when you’ve got sweet treats making use of the exact same flavor, it’s almost an exercise in excess. We’re not sure how this would actually taste, though it’s certain we don’t want to have bacon flavor lingering in our mouths all morning.

It’s all a gamble.

Doritos have had a bunch of hits on their plate.  The flavors they came out with in the past were truly delicious.  This, on the other hand, was one huge gamble.  When you’ve got one random chip that’s the spiciest ever, you’re bound to send some of your loyal buyers to the hospital.  One such person ate the spiciest chip in the package and had difficulty breathing.  Good job, Doritos.

The taste lingers.

These brand new DumDums will make you feel like a dumb-dumb.  Why would you want the taste of bacon to stay in your tongue?  How about butter popcorn for that matter?  Would you also wish your breath to smell like pizza?  Never mind.

Save the world?

So, what do we have here?  An ice cream flavor that is environmentally friendly?  You’ve got marshmallows, raspberry swirls and white fudge…  Are these supposed to be sustainable ingredients or something?  We’re a little lost.

Peeps flavored?

Wait, we don’t get this one.  You’ve got marshmallow flavored milk to offer the public.  How in the world would that taste?  It seems a little too strange to even be considered for public sale.