19 Things To Eat That Should've Never Existed

Not everyone can cook—that’s just life. You’ll have someone serve you up burnt barbecue and call it “well-done” and, in good faith, you’ll attempt to stomach it. RIP your stomach, but at least you’re a good friend/family member/significant other.

Love wins.

Ever since the bill on Gay Marriage was passed successfully, there have been numerous members of the LGBT community wearing their colors proud. Of course, Doritos felt the need to capitalize on this. Hence, they came up with the Rainbow Doritos. Not much difference in taste, really, it’s all just good marketing.

Gourmet flavors don’t always work.

We’ve already seen the staff at Buzzfeed try these out. Needless to say, we’re assuming our reaction to any taste test involving these would be pretty similar. Sure, the flavors might seem a little intriguing. Yet, you’ll probably be in for some disappointment.

Get crunked.

Have you ever thought about the possibility of getting drunk on ice cream? Well, that’s all a reality now. Thanks to Ben & Jerry’s, you can now drown yourself in misery with brown ale flavored ice cream. Bars and speakeasys everywhere will go out of business.


Red Velvet seems to be the most liked flavor among cakes.  It only makes perfect sense for Oreo to capitalize on this.  However, it’s just jumping on the bandwagon.  It’s good, but it could have been way better as far as taste is concerned.

And another one for the cookie win…

So, here we have Girl Scout Cookies with oatmeal raisin.  There’s nothing remotely new about it, right?  It’s a tried and true formula which works.  Oh wait, it’s also got Greek Yogurt chunks.  Well, that certainly sounds like a bit more than what our pockets bargained for.

So, can we hump this like Jim?

KitKat that comes in apple pie flavor… Really?  We never thought it would be possible.  To us, this just seems like a strange idea. We’ve never tasted it, but maybe there ARE some people who like it.