This is simply octopus. Now, you’ve probably seen a lot of videos of people on Youtube eating this as part of a challenge. However, it’s also a delicacy in Korea. You’d need to keep chewing when consuming this, though. That’s because a lot of people have already died choking on them, thanks to the suckers in the tentacles which latch on to the throat if not properly chewed.

Cassava is a fruit that a lot of people enjoy eating. Yet, it requires careful preparation to be consumed safely. That’s because it’s also pretty poisonous, thanks to a very high concentration of linamarin. Eating it raw will certainly cause instant death.

Star fruit is, for the most part, a pretty safe fruit. However, one should think twice before eating it if they happen to have bad kidneys. That’s because it’s got poisonous juices which can severely affect your central nervous system. If you’ve got some pretty healthy kidneys, you don’t have to worry about a thing, since the toxin from the juices will eventually be filtered out.

The ackee is one fruit that we don’t get to commonly see. We find that to be a very good thing, to be honest. That’s because it’s got black seeds which are filled with poison. Accidentally swallowing these can turn you into a part of the statistics of poisoning cases around the world. Although dominantly consumed in the Caribbean, you’d still want to give it a second thought if you ever find yourself right in front of a serving of it.

Would you like to try out some rhubarb leaves? Don’t include them in your salad just yet, though. This actually contains oxalic acid, which take on a deadly crystalline form in the kidneys when consumed. You’ll also be seeing red when you’re peeing, which is definitely a cause for concern at all times.

 You’re surprised to see cashews on this list, aren’t you? Considering that it’s pretty much an ordinary snack, you probably don’t see any reason why it would be on this list. However, do take note that if you ever find yourself in the great outdoors and find a bunch of them, don’t grab the opportunity to eat them. Raw cashews are actually quite poisonous.