Salad Snapper Server

This snapper designed like the venus flytrap plant is the ultimate weapon in serving salads. You don't have to use tongs anymore that gets almost nothing. Now, with one snap, you can easily serve salads on the plate without getting another and another. Even your kids can use this fun contraption.

Mr. Tea Infuser

If you don't like the idea of tea bags, Mr. Infuser is here to help you out. Just pull of the pants, put the tea leaves inside, tuck the pants and infuse all the way. It's not only functional, but it's entertaining as well. It is just enough to pump start your morning habit.

Milk Dispenser

You and your kids love milk so this milk dispenser is there to help. If you are not there, your kids can easily pour some milk into their own glasses. No more spills, no more rags and no more cleaning sprays. You just attach it to the milk jug and out comes the milk.