Fun Egg Shapers

These egg shapers are what you need to get the mojo going in the mornings. If it can bring smiles to your kids' faces, why not? Serving eggs could not get anymore cooler than this. It's the ultimate weapon to turn sleepy mornings into glorious ones.

Kitchen Claws

Yes, we have knives in the kitchen, but I bet you don't have the kitchen claws. This must have is used for tossing salads, shredding meats for tacos and mixing dips. It's the ultimate weapon that a kitchen should have in everyday cooking. Those claws can definitely make your life easier and faster.

Our canned goods are often filled with water in it. We open the can, we get a strainer and we get the goods. It's very time consuming and we are always looking for the fastest way possible to do things. So, this can strainer came along and did just that. You just put it on the opened can and strain and out comes the water that you don't need.

Always losing your teabag inside your mug? This cute snail tea bag holder will be your best friend if you are a tea lover. It will hold the tea bag in place plus you'll never lost that string again. Plus, it's too cute to miss out.

Fat Magnet

Everyone has this problem of fats on top of their sauces. You don't want your dish swimming in that pool of fat, do you? To fix this, the fat magnet is the best way to get that excess fat. You don't have to strain it anymore by using a spoon. It saves time and effort plus, it's easy to use.

Spill Stopper

Ever have that spill when you're boiling something in the kitchen? Worry no more! This spill stopper is what you need to avoid the spills in the stove area. It controls the spills leaving you a clean and spill-free kitchen. This is great especially when cooking pasta or hard-boiled eggs.