Oatmeal bars

Can't make your kids eat oatmeal for breakfast? Even adults are not, you know. Make these awesome oatmeal bars and who knows, your kids might even bring them to school for snacks. Just make your batter and mix the oatmeal together. You can either put dried fruits or nuts or a combination of both. Heat it in the oven until it solidifies. Tadaaaaaa! It's yummy and healthy at the same time.

Baked eggs on avocado

If you want to pump yourself up in the morning, this is for you. It's high in protein and healthy fats that will help you start your day with a blast. You just have to scoop the seed out, making a crater, and then you put the egg, grated cheese, and some cayenne pepper for spice. Pop it in the oven until you can see the cheese melting. Drooling right now.

Orange pancakes with blueberry sauce

If you want that zesty breakfast then this is for you. It's filled with fresh flavors of orange and berries that will be both sour and sweet that you like. Just don't forget to make the batter fluffy and light. You'll have good and tasty pancakes ready on your table in minutes.

Overnight French Toast Casserole

Now, this recipe is for those leftover french toasts you had the other day. Don't throw them away because you could sometimes recycle or transform them to something else. Spread some butter all over the french toast. Press it on a plate of nuts or fruits or both and drizzle it with honey or chocolate. Now, that's savings in your bank account!