15 Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life In The Kitchen

The what-and-when of wine

Yes, we know that red goes with red and white goes with white. But, we don't know is what happens in between. This chart is really an eye-opener for a great symphony of beverage and food that can cause fireworks in our mouths. This is really for usual meals and parties that will give the people a good time in the dining table.

DIY cooking spray

Avoid spending so much in cooking spray. Just mix 1 part of water and 5 parts of cooking oil. Put the mixture in a clean spray bottle and you have yourself a cooking spray. No need to make a stop in the grocery to buy it. Your kitchen is a place of possibilities and wonders that you did not know existed.

"Grate-it-yourslef" cheese

Let's face it, ready-to-buy grated cheese is more expensive than any cheese. Save some money by grating a block of cheese yourself. Put the grated cheese in the container. You will realize that you can spend so much if you are thrift thinking. It's still cheese anyway.

No kitchen thermometer needed

If the thermometer is broken, don't panic! There are many ways to kill a cat (not literally). This kitchen hack is very useful in cooking the perfect steak. Plus, you would not anymore worry if you overcooked or undercooked that slice of meat. This is a must-learn and must-remember lesson in the kitchen, don't you think?

Quick-and-easy cheese sticks

Craving for cheese sticks? This quick and easy hack will bring you cheese sticks in minutes. No need to order from food stations because all you need are leftover bread and some cheese slices. Have fun in making these sticks but have more fun in eating them.

All about eggs

Are you not sure whether your eggs are rotten? Soak them in water and let science answer your query. You can now separate rotten and fresh eggs from each other by separating sinkers and floaters. This would also help you in not serving a rotten egg for breakfast. Cooking in the kitchen is really like doing experiment in a laboratory.