15 Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life In The Kitchen

Fresh greens for days

To keep those leafy vegetables fresh all through out the week, blow some air in the plastic and seal it. The carbon dioxide trapped inside the bag will slow down the decomposition time of those leaves and will keep the fresh for days. Isn't this amazing, especially for those salad lovers out there.

Eating cupcakes like a pro

You probably dunk your mouth and face in that heap of icing goodness every time you're eating a cupcake. If you are doing it, then it is time to be enlightened on the correct way of eating a cupcake. Slice the bottom part of the cupcake and put it on the icing creating a sandwich effect. Now, that is the time you should eat the cupcake. Yum!

Pastry folding 101

Ever wondered how did those French bakers make their pastries with such class and art? Here are the steps that you need to follow. Even if you are not French, you can also be classy and artsy at the same time. And, ouis, who know, maybe you can have your very own patisserie someday!

The what-and-when of wine

Yes, we know that red goes with red and white goes with white. But, we don't know is what happens in between. This chart is really an eye-opener for a great symphony of beverage and food that can cause fireworks in our mouths. This is really for usual meals and parties that will give the people a good time in the dining table.

DIY cooking spray

Avoid spending so much in cooking spray. Just mix 1 part of water and 5 parts of cooking oil. Put the mixture in a clean spray bottle and you have yourself a cooking spray. No need to make a stop in the grocery to buy it. Your kitchen is a place of possibilities and wonders that you did not know existed.

"Grate-it-yourslef" cheese

Let's face it, ready-to-buy grated cheese is more expensive than any cheese. Save some money by grating a block of cheese yourself. Put the grated cheese in the container. You will realize that you can spend so much if you are thrift thinking. It's still cheese anyway.