Taco Bell

If you really want to eat healthy, stick with their salads. Everything from tacos to burritos has a lot of dextrose, corn starch and non-GMO ingredients. We never really understood the fuss behind Taco Bell, anyway. It’s not even authentic Mexican food, and you’d be better off making your own at home, all without any health risks.


Everybody knows McDonald’s. The brand’s popularity is evident all over the world, after all, but it’s not exactly the healthiest option. They may claim to be MSG-free, but they utilize glutamates which have the same effect as MSG. McDonald’s foods also contain phosphates (used for colonoscopy, mind you).

Baskin Robbins

It sure would be nice to head over to Baskin Robbins to combat the summer heat, right? After all, their ice cream flavors are truly satisfying to the palate and can really cool you off. Yet, artificial flavoring, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup are just among the ingredients for making their famed ice creams. Better look for a better and healthier alternative during this warm summer season then.


Panera Bread is certainly a popular brand for people who like freshly baked bread. However, you should be aware that it’s also chock full of additives. The only thing that's organic about them is their rye bread. Everything else is full of glutens and unhealthy starches.


You thought their chicken sandwiches tasted pretty good, huh? So did the rest of America. However, Chick-fil-A is far from a healthy option. That’s because they’ve loaded the seasoning and spices for the crispy coating with a lot of MSG.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

This was painfully obvious from the beginning. Even with KFC being a global brand that caters to a wide ranger of customer classes, it’s certainly not looking out for your well-being. It’s fried chicken, so that should be a no-brainer, right? However, for your knowledge, KFC’s chicken and other chicken-based products are filled to the brim with MSG.