12 American Foods That Other Countries Stay Far Far Away From

Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene – found in gums & cereals and is actually linked to the development of cancer cells in humans.

Genetically Engineered Papaya – causes massive organ damage, dysfunction, tumors and impotence in 3rd generation children

Hormone-infused American Beef and Milk – It causes hormonal cancer

If you’re not from America and ever get to visit, you would surely be wowed by the amount of food that is just too good to resist trying out. Americans are known for their whoppingly healthy appetite, but there are a number of them who hardly care what goes into the foods they eat. You may not realize it, but some foods that they continue to feast on and consume have already been banned in various countries all over the world due to health concerns. What do you think?

Bromine-infused bread – Bromine actually causes disorders in the nervous system, and has even been linked to killing rats with cancer cell development.

Pink Slime – used to bulk up cheaply processed meat and contains pathogens

Flame Retardant Drinks – contains brominated vegetable oil, which can depress the Central Nervous System and cause skin diseases to take shap