Clint Howard is a pretty familiar face.  You’ve seen him in movies and TV shows.  Seriously, who could forget the ugly grinning face of Ron Howard’s older brother?

Just when you thought it wasn’t arguable that Jessica Simpson was a perfect creature, we have facts to prove otherwise.  She has admitted to flossing only every once in a while and doesn’t like to brush her teeth.  Hence, you just might be greeted with a bit of bad breath from her.

Shane McGowan is definitely not heartthrob material.  One look at his teeth and you’d think that he belongs in the Middle Ages.  Then again, the Pogues’ frontman is looking to hire the services of a dentist to have his teeth fixed so he can finally get started on a movie career.

Jon Heder’s been a low profile these days since his rise to stardom thanks to the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” However, he still does public appearances every now and then, along with that recognizable grin of his.  Yes, he’s got teeth that look so big that you just might end up kicking a field goal.