10 Celebs Who Need the Dentist, Stat!

Anna Paquin packs quite a deadly seductive package in that petite yet tight body of hers.  She’s also got quite the unique face.  Some may argue that the gap between her two front teeth is a detriment to her looks, but we think it’s an asset to her overall appeal as a sexy and beautiful young actress.

You’d think that celebrities would be these creatures that exemplify flawlessness. You thought wrong. There are many famous people in Hollywood who are hardly perfect. As a matter of fact, you should not even be surprised when you can see these physical shortcomings for yourselves. Among the most apparent features we often observe in celebrities are their smiles. When you see them pull off a grin, you might even take note of the fact that their teeth aren’t all that perfect. Then again, for some, that’s an understatement. Take a look at the following photos for yourself.

“Iron Mike” Tyson is considered to be among the greatest professional boxers of all time.  It shows in his teeth.  A smile like that could have gone through such overwhelming punishment in the ring to earn such a reputation.

Madonna has remained relevant in the music industry for nearly 4 decades now.  Over the years, she’s undergone quite the transformation as far as style and aesthetics are concerned.  What hasn’t changed is her smile, which showcases her less-than-stellar teeth, but we don’t really mind.

Johnny Rotten surely made a career out of being a punk rocker, thanks to his band S*x Pistols.  You know what else is rotten?  His teeth, which he decided to be dentally fixed over the years, but still nowhere near perfect.

Gary Busey has certainly gone the wayward path as far as Hollywood careers go.  Not only that, but he seems to be disregarding his overall appearance more often.  Look at those teeth, don’t they just seem a bit more yellow to you?

Ricky Gervais is undoubtedly among the funniest comedians in Hollywood and in the UK.  Speaking of the latter, he’s also a Brit, and it is none more apparent than in his teeth.  Yes, they’re crooked and yellow, just like every other stereotype you come across in the UK.